Feb 13, 2011

Wellington Crescent

Sometimes when it’s real rainy, the stairs get slippery and my books slide around like madmen so I hold tighter going to my locker just in case that asshole Soldersen is waiting by a classroom, gnawing about nothing with some dick friends, ever-ready to knock my books flying all down the hall with that quick sucker punch from behind. He’ll have some witty quip he’s probably worked on all night like, hey goof… which twin are ya, number 1 or number do-do? to which he’d snicker like he’d just dropped a big one. Ha! I’d laugh and scramble for my books, relieved I wasn’t walking with my brother, who would have painted the lockers with old Soldersen or tried to anyway… Soldersen’s a big guy but Gram would have gone for it… I bet he would have.
Sometimes I see Joanne French hanging around the office bulletin board with some other Wellington Crescent girls, not reading messages or nothing, just posing there so natural like, as if they’re storefront models on display for the rest of us to admire as we float by, their wide fixed eyes transmitting, ”yeah look, but don’t even think about touching” even though I bet that’s what they’re thinking in their stupid heads. They are kind of cool though I’ll admit…pretty types with perfect angles and poise and judicial daddies and shade tree homes, holding their books preciously against their tight bodies as if they’re into academics or something. They’re all cheerleader types… except that short dark haired girl with the Cher bangs and almond eyes; I don’t know her name but I saw her look at me once, not in a weird sort of way either but like she could almost talk to me if she chose to slip away from the others who only want the perfect square jaw dopes like Soldersen who I bet wouldn’t know what to do with a girl anyway, given half a chance.


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