Nov 20, 2010

Missing The Talk

Tito ‘The Talk’ Moncuso keeps all of his secrets buried under his house, out of sight where nobody will know. That’s really funny because Tito’s never been the secretive sort. Matter of fact, he’s known as a big mouth, which in our business ain’t such a good thing.

Tito wants to move up. That’s okay, a lot of guys do. Just do it the right way I say, that’s all - - the way that don’t draw too much attention if you know what I mean. Show the right temperament and have a little patience. From what I’ve seen, Tito don’t have neither. Tommy ‘Two Tunes’ has talked to him but Tito keeps missing the point. See - - everything about Tito is loud. He’s always had a nose for seeking the limelight, dressing loud and flamboyant-like, shootin’ his mouth off about stuff he shouldn’t be shootin’. Like when we was kids, he’d steal from the till at old Marco’s market stand, then hang with Marco’s kid Frankie and spout off about it. No shame. No tack. You gotta know to keep some things under wraps. Private. Secret. Tito’s not like that.

Tito and me and Vinny ‘Van Go’ Flowers used to take care of business for friends and family if they needed it. We called it a ‘cleaning’ business… you know, tidying up messes and loose ends, getting rid of problems in a discreet manner. Unfortunately, Tito weren’t too discreet. The cops started listening in on his big talkin’ mouth, though they couldn’t quite prove nothin’. Tommy ‘Two Tunes’ thought it’d be a good idea to send Tito out to Biloxi to quiet down for a while with instructions to lay low. But guys like Tito don’t have a nickname like ‘the talk’ for nothing. He got bored and started gambling too much, then hooked up with some high roller old fuck at the tables - - a Mr. Bromley - - that really took a shine to Tito. He was a real piece of work, another big mouth conversationalist like Tito with money, rings and cigars, lots of gold and chain that dazzled the pants off Tito, if you know what I mean. I don’t condone that sort of thing but it’s none of my business. When Tito started talking about personal stuff to Bromley, well it became my business. Turns out, old Bromley there was retired FBI and Tito didn’t have a clue about it.

It’s all been taken care of though. Vinny Flowers and me have gone out to Biloxi to help Tito relocate again and do a little tidying up. It seems Mr. Bromley has gone missing. It’s okay. He’ll show up again… in the morgue… the recipient of an apparent heart attack. Tito’s missin’ too. The feds would love to talk to ‘the talk’ but that ain’t gonna happen any time soon. Like I said, Tito keeps his secrets buried under his house and the only talk he’s gonna have are with the bugs and the worms crammed down his big talkin’ mouth.

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